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Mirenesse is an Australian company that was established in 1999 by award-winning chemist Irene Patsalides. Irene was aware of the unique and harsh Australian climate and, more importantly, what it could do to your skin. With skin feeling dry, damaged, and deprived of essential natural ingredients, Mirenesse set out to rectify this through its truly bespoke and innovative products, combining skincare with makeup for an all-around experience.

Mirenesse has become one of the most unrivalled and successful beauty brands in Australia, receiving 60+ awards over the years. The brand’s Secret Weapon 24 Hr Mascara took the world by storm, winning 10 international awards. Known as the Holy Grail of mascara, its innovative formulas target each lash to lengthen, define and thicken your natural lashes. Once again combining beauty with wider climate concerns, the Secret Weapon mascara is designed to withstand Australia’s unparalleled heat and humidity, so you can say goodbye to smudged eyes!

All products are infused with the best of Australia’s natural botanicals to create unique formulations, which are clinically and eye-safety tested to ensure success. With no harsh chemicals or animal testing, and complete sustainability, preserve your skin's collagen levels and protect its hydration in a holistic way. We're pleased to be an official stockist of Mirenesse, so discover the range and enjoy free delivery in Australia.

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