Dry & Damaged Hair Treatments

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There are all sorts of reasons why hair can end up becoming overly dry. From the overuse of straighteners through to poor health, pregnancy, age or even using the wrong products, it's all too easy for hair to end up brittle, frazzled and dull. Luckily, our selection of rich, nourishing dry hair treatments can really help.

We stock a selection of advanced formulations from designer brands such as Joico K-Pak, Moroccanoil, Christophe Robin and label.m. The shampoos, hair masques, conditioners and deep conditioning treatments we offer have been chosen because of their highly effective ingredients and reputation for delivering results. Showcasing advanced hair technology, these are products that are specifically designed to give dry hair a new lease of life.

Dry hair products work not only on the hair but also on the skin from which the hair grows. Some ingredients will target the hair, smoothing out the roughening that has contributed to the dry look and feel of your crowning glory. Other active compounds work on the skin of the scalp, helping to provide the nutrients and hydration needed for optimal hair growth.

Products intended to moisturise and hydrate also confer several other benefits. Hair that's been replenished with vital oils will be smoother, shinier and less likely to tangle. By building body and creating the conditions for healthier hair growth, conditioners and serums can make hair measurably easier to style and more appealing to look at.

Banishing dry hair often requires a multi-strand approach. If you're planning to overhaul your lifestyle and hair care routine in order to get rid of dry hair once and for all, our hypo-allergenic, ethically sourced conditioners could be a valuable tool. Used by professional hair salons across the country, these are products that more than live up to the claims made about them.

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