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Face toners are one of those essential beauty products that are often not very well understood, and therefore often left out of a beauty regime. But once you understand what toner does and the benefits it can provide, you'll never skip this step again!

A face toner is a liquid that is quickly absorbed by your skin which helps to remove the last traces of dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells that your facial cleanser may not have picked up. In other words, it helps to thoroughly clean your skin and prepare it for moisturising, the next step in your skincare routine.

By helping to unclog and close pores, face toners can improve the appearance and tightness of your skin, leaving you with a fresher, brighter complexion. Face toners can be especially beneficial for people with acne-prone skin. Dermatologists recommend using a face toner directly after cleansing, both in your day and night skin routines.

Our range contains face toners for all skin types and for all skin concerns - be they wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots or dryness. We have everything from gentle products designed to simply clarify and hydrate through to the more advanced products infused with amino oils and vitamins which promise visibly younger-looking skin.

At lookfantastic, you'll find toner by renowned skincare brands including Clinique, NIP+FAB and The Ordinary. Our range includes products for those who prefer to use organic and natural ingredients on their skin and we also stock products specifically designed for men (because guys have skin too – and they probably should be taking better care of it!).

Not entirely sure which facial toner is for you? Why not order a travel pack. These little beauties aren't just for holidays, they let you trial a complete skincare regime – face toner included – so you can get a good idea of which of our highly rated brands works best for your skin.

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