Hair Growth, Thinning & Hair Loss Treatments

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Do you struggle with thinning hair or hair loss? Don't worry—there are ways to tackle this common problem. With lookfantastic's range of healing oils, serums, shampoos and conditioners, you'll attack your thinning hair & hair loss problems at the source with our modern solutions. We stock only the finest products from leading brands, including Grow Gorgeous, The Ordinary, Viviscal and more.

To really delve deep into the source of your hair loss, try a root stimulating treatment. Choose a product with natural botanicals like caffeine, red algae, rice protein, amino acids and menthol to effectively stimulate the scalp at the root and encourage hair growth. Use a stimulating treatment regularly to achieve a full, voluminous, lustrous head of hair.

If you struggle with dryness, dullness and breakage, try a pH-balanced conditioner and shampoo combo. Fortify your locks with natural ingredients to moisturise, promote growth at the roots, and improve hair texture. Choose a product imbued with keratin to encourage longer, thicker hair than you've ever had before.

If you live in an urban environment and are regularly exposed to environmental stressors, try a protective shampoo and conditioner duo. In polluted areas, impurities can build up quickly, leading to greasy, tired locks. With a specially-formulated protective shampoo, you will perfectly cleanse your hair of impurities while calming and soothing your scalp. Combine a protective shampoo with a matching conditioner to restore shine, smooth strands and protect your hair from further damage.

Try a modern approach to hair loss with thickening keratin hair fibres, designed to instantly boost volume and restore density and fullness. It's easier than ever to effortlessly and subtly conceal bare patches.

No matter your hair type, and no matter the cause, you'll find a hair loss solution to suit your needs in lookfantastic's wide range of effective hair care products.

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