Lip Primers

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If it's your goal to get the perfect pout every time, look no further than our wide range of lip primers. Designed to prep the lips for a smooth, even, long-lasting lipstick or gloss application, we stock quality primers from several leading beauty brands, including Clinique, Bite Beauty and Dr Botanicals.

To save money and time on your daily makeup routine, try a two-in-one lipstick and primer. Choose a product with a carefully crafted lightweight formula to hydrate your lips and create a lasting base for all-day, smudge-proof wear.

To give your lips the love and care they deserve, try a healing lip treatment. These innovative balms double as an anti-aging serum and a smoothing primer, all packed into one easy to carry, compact formula. Slip a lip treatment in your purse or handbag to keep your lips juicy and hydrated throughout the day.

To protect your lips from environmental damage while keeping your lipstick perfectly sealed, try a balm imbued with natural botanicals like goji berries, shea butter and pomegranate oil.

If you love the look of voluminous, pouty lips, try a plumping lip primer. Enriched with antioxidants and natural ingredients like Vitamin E, a plumping primer will give your lips that extra boost and allow for an effortless, non-greasy lipstick application.

If you struggle with cracking and dryness, try a super-hydrating lip treatment to soften your pout while you sleep, preparing you for the perfect lipstick or gloss application the next morning. Choose a balm with an innate protective layer to shield your lips from the drying properties of central heating and air conditioning.

Whether you struggle with dryness and cracking, or simply want to perfect your lip look, introducing a quality lip primer into your routine is essential—and you'll easily find a product to suit your individuality in our carefully curated range.

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