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Sachajuan is haircare simplified. No more surplus and unnecessary products, just uncomplex haircare and styling that leaves you looking fabulous.

Founded in 1997, Sachajuan started as a salon in Stockholm. The founders, Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind combined their names to make ‘Sachajuan'. Like that combination, the company combines performance and style to reflect the look and fashion of a salon from the comfort of your own home. Their range makes haircare understandable and easy for clients and takes inspiration from how natural hair moves, feels and looks.

Cleanse, condition, and treat if needed; these are the three fundamentals of Sachajuan's approach to haircare. Whether you're looking to tackle dry and damaged hair with moisture or revamp lifeless hair with volume and texture, there is something for every hair type. Create hair that makes you feel more confident by maximising your unique style's shape, surface, and structure.

Improve your hair's natural characteristics by protecting and strengthening it from root to tip. Sachajuan's unique Ocean Silk Technology gives you the simply beautiful hair you always desired.

Know you're getting the very best with Sachjaun's years of professional work and expertise. While many brands profess massive end-product testing and consumer research, the proof of Sachajaun is in their love of it. In selecting their ingredients, they look for purity and performance while consciously adhering to environmental legislation. The mineral-rich formulas that formulate their products detangle and smooth hair to deliver a soft, matte finish for you to style your way.

Complement your haircare with their body and skin-based products, because your skin needs hydration and care too.

Uncomplicate your haircare and excel in style. With every product making it clear and easy to understand its benefits, you know you're getting the professional treatment. For straightforward and honest hair products, choose Sachajuan.

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