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Instantly enhance your eye game and lengthen those luscious lashes with lookfantastic's range of mascaras. Choose from the latest offerings from your favourites like Clinique, Eyeko, and L'Oréal, available in a selection of shades to seamlessly suit your style.

Innovative formulas ensure that your thicker, longer lashes will have some serious staying power. Lift, curl and pump up the volume on your latest lash look, knowing that it won't run, fade, or smudge. Our selection of waterproof mascaras can take whatever you throw at them, allowing you to go from the beach to the bar in an instant.

Our mascara primers lay the foundation for fuller, thicker eyelashes, ensuring an even coating and perfectly preparing for the next layer. Specially-formulated primer and mascara brushes also make application a breeze, whether you're looking for length, volume, or an angled brush to craft those curls.

We want to make sure our mascaras feel as good as they look, and these products ensure long-lasting comfort. Made with only the kindest, safest ingredients, we offer a selection of fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested products that ensure that looking and feeling your best has never been easier. Ingredients have been carefully combined to not only improve the outward appearance of your lashes but also to be gentle on skin while nourishing and protecting.

We love to advocate cruelty-free formulas, and many of our mascaras are both paraben-free and vegan-friendly, so the only ethical dilemma is how many you can fit in your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups! And we've made it that much easier with our handy travel-size mascaras, which are just as suited for throwing in your holiday make-up bag.

Make us your mascara destination of choice. We're always adding new products from top brands, so be sure to shop the selection and add some new essentials to your lash routine.

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