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Ultra creamy and offering a luxurious, rich moisturising option that gives skin the nourishment and care it needs to look amazing, butters are a skin secret professionals swear by. Packed with skin nutrients, essential oils and plant compounds that deliver stunning results, butters offer a healing, regenerative option for both body and face.

One of the benefits of butters is the high concentration of plant oil extracts. Plant compounds are extremely complex, often working in several different ways to improve skin health and appearance. Deeply nourishing ingredients such as Shea butter, Argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and natural Vitamin E contain powerful active ingredients that make a measurable difference to skin health.

Butters can be used as a regular part of a skincare routine, or on an occasional basis to heal dry skin or provide extra moisturising following a shower, exercise or exfoliation. Fantastic for use after sunbathing or following exposure to bad weather, butters can also soothe red, inflamed, or itchy skin. Particularly useful for problem skin, they can reduce the appearance of unwanted pigment, help to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and lessen the visibility of scars, stretch marks and similar blemishes. As butters work deep in the skin, they are capable of delivering long-lasting effects, boosting skin health as well as improving appearance.

Our butters have been made by top manufacturers such as Mama Mio, endota and Ahava. Cruelty-free and ethically sourced, these are premium products which have been formulated to deliver optimal results. Perfect for use on their own or alongside other skincare products, butters work well for all skin types.

Butters are powerful skincare products that can be invaluable for treating problem skin, particularly when dryness, poor skin cell condition or blemishes are an issue. Why not consider using butter alongside a cleanser and exfoliator, to leave skin soft, smooth and even?

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