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Sometimes your skin just needs a little extra care and love, and whatever your skin trouble may be, our range of face masks are here to help. From ultra-hydrating moisture masks to detoxifying and exfoliating masks, and everything in between, masks are a great way to pamper yourself and your skin, and help skin problems that daily products aren't designed to.

We have face masks for every skin type. If you have oily and blemish-prone skin then give our range of exfoliating masks a try. These are designed to draw impurities from the skin and leave you with smooth, glowing skin over time. Even with oily skin, don't be afraid to add moisture back into your skin after an exfoliating mask with a hit of hydration. You want to replace the oils you removed with gentle, hydration, and a mask is the perfect way to do that.

For dry skin types, moisture is a must, but you'll also benefit from a round of more gentle detoxing. To get rid of buildups of dead, flaky skin, try a peeling mask. This will leave you with a layer of soft new skin which you then want to add intense moisture to. Don't be afraid of natural oils, which do a great job of providing and sealing in healthy moisture, leaving your skin looking dewy and healthy.

If your skin concern is fine lines and ageing, you'll find a huge range of products which will help your skin appear younger and more vibrant. Any mask with brightening properties is going to do your skin a world of good. For a short term boost, you'll never go wrong with a sheet mask, which gives the skin an enormous hit of goodness.

To keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant, shop our range of face masks today!

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