Founded in 1964 by André Bouclet, a Doctor of Pharmacy, the name Thalgo is a combination of the words ‘thalasso’ and ‘algae’ and this is the DNA of brand.

Thalgo is inspired by the proven efficacy of the transdermal application of marine ions and their penetration of the skin in 15 minutes. The assimilation of these ions at a deep, cellular level and their biosimilarity to human tissue has, and always will be the fundamental philosophy of Thalgo product formulations and treatment experiences.


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Around the world luxury spas are using patented micronized marine algae to deliver exceptional skin care results with wellbeing benefits. Renowned for their use in spa treatments, Thalgo products deliver luxury without compromise to address skin concerns including all signs of ageing, sensitivity and chronic acne. Based on the principles of Thalassotherapy, Thalgo uses responsibly sourced marine-based ingredients to provide remarkable benefits for the skin, allowing you to create your own at-home spa experience.

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