Afro & Textured Hair Products

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For people with curly or coiled Afro hair

, products which keep it healthy, moisturised and in good condition are essential. Afro hair often grows in a number of different directions and has a tendency to grow more thickly on some parts of the scalp. The specialist needs of Afro hair means it's important to use products specifically designed to bring out the best in this hair type.

Great condition is at the heart of beautiful Afro hair. We stock a selection of conditioners and oils that have been designed to lock in water and moisturise and nourish both the hair and the hair root. Packed with nutrients such as Omega-3 oils, fatty acids, proteins and vitamins, our products are designed to provide long-lasting benefits.

Products from brands such as Paul Mitchell, Moroccanoil, Grow Gorgeous and Christophe Robin provide effective solutions to many common hair problems. If your hair is suffering from dryness, for example, or a tendency towards unruly frizziness, preparations that soothe, protect and smooth can deliver the results you're looking for.

Many people are waking up to the value which plant-based hair care products can bring to their hair. Active ingredients such as Lavender oil, Shea butter, oats and Argan oil contain powerful, natural compounds that get to work deep down in the hair and follicle. The complex chemistry of many plant extracts contributes to their unique effectiveness, explaining why they're such a welcome addition to a variety of high-quality hair formulations.

Our range isn't just great for Afro hair, it's also sourced from ethical companies who are committed to providing products which are kind to the environment and to animals. Free from harsh, synthetic chemicals and packed with valuable hair nutrients, each of our serums, oils, conditioners and treatments is a powerful aid to beautiful, lustrous Afro hair.

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