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SILKE London was founded by famous hairstylist Maria, who has over 32 years of experience in the hair industry. Looking to promote permanent hair growth and prevent breakage, Maria turned to her Caribbean roots for inspiration - and the revelation was life-changing. Discovering that hair breakages were the result of abrasive movement during sleep, the idea for SILKE London's hair wrap came to life.

SILKE London’s hair wrap is 100% silk and guarantees transformative results. The silky-smooth surface encourages hair cuticles to glide together for stronger hair strands. As silk is a non-absorbent material, it allows hair to retain its natural oils and distribute them evenly through the night, which will leave your hair feeling deeply replenished and conditioned by morning.

The hair wrap fills a gap in the haircare market, breaking with the traditional wrapping style and being the first to reap the benefits of 100% silk hair products. SILKE London has designed its hair wrap with the perfect weight and elasticity to ensure its efficiency throughout the night and to make it suitable for all hair types! Whether you have coily, straight or curly hair, take a look at SILKE London’s hair wrap and its complementary products at LOOKFANTASTIC!
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