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There's nothing better than soaking up a bit of sun, but if you've overindulged without the necessary skin protection, then you might be suffering the after-effects. Luckily, lookfantastic's selection of after sun products will help soothe, moisturise and calm, so you'll be back on the beach in no time.

The sun's rays may help you get that tan you've been after but, without the necessary protection, it can also take its toll on your skin. No matter the weather, it's always a smart choice to shield your skin with high SPF products that will protect from UV rays while reducing skin damage and signs of ageing. With top offerings from the likes of Dermalogica, Alpha-H and Bondi Sands, your skin's never been in better hands.

If you skimped on your sunscreen, it's not too late to turn things around. With a soothing after sun repair lotion, you can calm angry, irritated skin without sacrificing that tan you worked so hard on. Our products are packed full of powerful ingredients to rehydrate and replenish, while minimising discolouration and sun-related wrinkles. Staying young in the sun has never been easier.

With the nourishing, moisturising properties of these after sun solutions, they can double up as a part of your daily skincare routine, come rain or shine. Innovative formulas and gentle ingredients ensure that your skin stays soft and hydrated for a year-round glow.

Looking to brave the beach again? Even when tanning, you can stay smart in the sun. Whether you want an SPF 15 or 50, our tanning lotions are there to make sure you're more of a beautiful bronze rather than a lobster red colour.

Want to find your new favourite after sun solution? Scroll through our selection, and prove that a suntan and smooth skin can go hand-in-hand!

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