Christophe Robin Shampoo

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When you need your hair to look its absolute best, celebrity colourist Christophe Robin's eponymous brand is the one to reach for. Whether it's a detox from product build-up, strengthening locks that have been damaged by chemicals or adding bounce and volume to limp hair, our luxurious range of Christophe Robin Shampoos treat hair in the kindest of ways with incredible results.

Discover cleansing masks, purifying scrubs, colour shielding shampoos and volumising pastes all powered by natural ingredients including pure Rassoul clay, aloe vera, sea salt, rare antioxidant prickly pear oil and more. Delicious scents coat your hair, spa-like aromas fill the bathroom and locks are left in lustrous condition. Christophe Robin shampoos are truly iconic and globally recognised for repairing, clarifying, hydrating and strengthening the hair.

At lookfantastic, we love that Parisian Christophe Robin is a clean hair pioneer and that his hands have treated some of the most famous supermodels in the world. His expert-led award-winning products include much-celebrated formulas, and you’ll find one for every hair type and problem.

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