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Francesco Clark’s life suddenly changed following a spinal cord injury. After the accident, his skin stopped sweating and releasing toxins, resulting in unbalanced, congested and prematurely aging skin. As part of his emotional and physical recovery, he wanted to appear on the outside as healthy and energetic as he felt on the inside. That’s when he partnered with his father, a homeopath and medical doctor, to find a natural solution to nourish, de-stress and detoxify his skin. After three years and nearly 100 unsuccessful trials, Francesco and his father succeeded in creating a complex that relies on the radical healing and balancing properties of the jasmine flower plus niacinamide, marine algae and arnica Montana. These biodynamic and antioxidant-rich enzymes collaborate with the jasmine enzyme to create a proprietary healing complex called Jasmine Catalyst Complex™. It represents the foundation of Clark’s Botanicals; the healing base from which of the products are created; and the key to a renewed and thriving complexion. Over time and throughout the product line, Clark’s Botanicals continues to push botanicals and clean scientific ingredients beyond their known limits. It is the brands sincere hope that Clark’s Botanicals products transform your skin and that your new glow unleashes your confidence and your true potential from the outside, in.

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