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ghd is a world-renowned manufacturer of hair-styling tools. Founded in 2001 by three hairdressers from Yorkshire, these women created a hair-styling product that revolutionalised both hairstyling from home and in salons.

ghd now has a huge and luxurious range of hair-styling tools, such as hair straighteners, curlers, brushes and accessories. Their popularity is a result of their innovative technology, which leaves hair feeling healthy with a shiny finish. They have a lab full of physicists, material scientists, product designers and hair specialists that focus entirely on the manipulation of hair. During their research, ghd discovered that 185 degrees is the optimal temperature for a hair styling product. This temperature perfectly creates long-lasting, quick styles that cause less damage to your hair.

If you want to style your hair but are worried about the damage it might do, ghd is the answer. ghd hairdryers ensure you are able to get perfectly dry hair without damaging your hair or risking breakage. If you want smooth and sleek hair quickly, try some ghd hair straighteners, which maintain a consistent temperature across the two hot plates.

If you want extra protection for your hair, try the Advanced Split End Therapy Hair Treatment. If you truly want a sleek finish, use the Perfect Ending Final Fix Spray to create a flawless hairstyle. LOOKFANTASTIC is pleased to be the official stockist of ghd in Australia.

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