Invisibobble Hair Ties

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If you've ever had to deal with the annoying kinks that appear in your hair after wearing it in a ponytail all day, then you'll love our range of products by Invisibobble. This innovative hair accessory is designed to hold your hair in place all day long without causing any kinks so that you can let your hair down without having to worry about re-shaping it.

Shaped like a telephone wire, these genius hair ties are moulded specifically to protect the condition of your hair. Invisibobble's products are made of polyurethane, otherwise known as artificial resin, due to its inability to absorb bacteria and dirt, so you can clean your hair bobbles easily and style your hair without having to worry about transferring any old product or oil into your hair.

Normal hair bobbles, while they look harmless, can actually cause a significant amount of damage to your hair. When you remove them, they can break your hair shaft, resulting in thinning hair, split ends and frizz, not to mention the tension headaches that occur if they're tied too tightly! Invisibobble eliminates all of these by giving your hair room to breathe while locking it in place so that you can not only protect your hair but also keep it looking neat and tidy all day long.

Our collection of Invisibobble products come in packs of three in a range of stunning colours so that you can switch them up to match your everyday look. Whether you're looking for something to tame your thick, voluminous mane, protect your damaged ends or simply to try out new hair looks, Invisibobble's products are perfect for you.

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