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"Noticing the inadequacy of skincare products on the market back in 1985, Dr Harold Lancer decided to rewrite the narrative by launching his namesake brand.

The Lancer method to achieving timeless skin is threefold: first, you exfoliate, then you cleanse, and lastly, you moisturise. By using his bestselling products, you're one step closer to achieving glowing skin that looks as if you’ve turned back the clock.

The Polish exfoliator is the standout product in Lancer's range. Created for everyday use, dirt is swept away from the face to keep the skin looking clear and pores from becoming clogged with excess sebum production and leftover makeup. Perfect for every type of skin, the formula is fuss-free, readying the skin for the next stage.

With the skin prepped, dead skin cells won't be able to stop the Cleanse product from working its magic. It's perfectly controlled to ensure that only impurities are stripped from the skin, not your natural oils, leaving a clear base for the Nourish moisturiser. The avocado oil and grape blend intensely hydrates for much softer-feeling skin.

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