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Discover the transformative power of NIOXIN on LOOKFANTASTIC.

Since its inception in 1987 by the visionary Eva Graham, NIOXIN has revolutionised the haircare industry with its groundbreaking approach to combating hair loss and thinning.

At the heart of NIOXIN's philosophy lies the belief that the scalp is an extension of the face, deserving of the same care and attention. With a dedication to harnessing the benefits of naturally sourced ingredients and vitamins, each NIOXIN product is meticulously crafted to promote scalp health while minimizing the harsh effects of chemical treatments.

Eva Graham's tireless advocacy for scalp health has earned NIOXIN international acclaim, positioning it as the leading salon alternative to prescription drugs for hair loss treatment. Through innovative formulations like Co-Zyme10 and Glyco Colour Shield, NIOXIN has become synonymous with healthier, fuller-looking hair.

At LOOKFANTASTIC, we take pride in being the official stockist of NIOXIN products in Australia, offering you access to cutting-edge solutions for thinning hair. Join us in supporting NIOXIN's ongoing research efforts as we strive to empower individuals to feel confident and beautiful, one strand at a time.

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