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Oil is an essential step in every male skincare routine and can be used to solve and relieve a number of skin concerns. Facial oils for men can help to lock in moisture and balance male complexions, helping men to have stronger, better-looking skin.

On a daily basis, male skin can go through a lot. From razor burns to facing adverse weather, it is easy for male skin to become irritated, dry and flaky. Facial oils should be applied after moisturiser in either/both an evening or morning skincare routine. If you are hesitant to introduce oil into your skincare routine, try adding a few drops of oil to your evening moisturiser to give it a hydrating boost. Oil seals in moisture, helping skin to hold on to and absorb moisture and hydration. This makes it ideal for soothing dry, chapped skin or nourishing skin that is irritated.

Aside from visually improving skin conditions such as rashes and razor burns, facial oils have anti-ageing and photo-ageing properties, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. This ensures a man can hold on to his youthful complexion and look as young as he feels. Oils such as rosehip oil, argan oil buckthorn fruit oil are effective but gentle and non-comedogenic, so can be used every day.

Men with combination or oily skin may avoid facial oils, thinking this will only accentuate their skin problems. In reality, using a facial oil can help to balance oil levels in your skin and stop your skin from over-producing oil. This makes facial oil suitable for all male skin types.

Browse our selection of facial oils for men below! We have a range of facial oils, including tanning oils, oil/serum blends and oils that will become your holy-grail last skincare step.

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