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The Latest Innovation from Virtue Labs is Raising Eyebrows

The Latest Innovation from Virtue Labs is Raising Eyebrows
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What causes thin or sparse brows? The most common cause of eyebrow hair loss is over-plucking, which thins brows and slows growth. But there’s a multitude of other factors that can lead to eyebrow hair loss, including stress and hormone changes. Our Solution: Flourish Brow Density Booster.

It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to disrupt an entire industry. But when Virtue Labs developed the Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL protein, it unlocked new possibilities for those experiencing hair thinning or loss. Now with the new Flourish Brow Density Booster, there’s a way to help densify and nourish brows with biotechnology.


Like our hair growth cycle, increasing brow density requires patience and consistency. Thankfully, Flourish’s patented and proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL strengthens, thickens, and densifies brows like nothing else. Paired with a carefully crafted complex of growth-supporting ingredients, it conditions brows and promotes density and follicle health.

Virtue’s Flourish products are all backed by robust clinical testing.

After 8 weeks of use*

91% saw less brittle brows

83% saw more enhanced brows

82% saw thicker, fuller brows


Flourish Brow Q&A


Does Flourish Brow Density Booster interfere with brow lamination or tinting?

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after brown lamination or tinting before applying the Brow Density Booster. Since the follicles remain open after a lamination treatment, the brow area can be especially sensitive during this time. As with all eye area and skincare products, we suggest that consumers perform a patch test, then wait 12–24 hours before full application. 


Does this product interact with topical skin care treatments or medications?

There are no irritants in the Brow Density Booster, but if you use topical retinoids, we recommend avoiding application to the skin around the brow as this may cause a tingling sensation, and only using the applicator brush to avoid accidentally rubbing product into the eyes.


Can this product be used on lashes?

The Flourish® Brow Density Booster formula and applicator was specifically developed for use on brows and its efficacy was not tested for use on lashes, therefore we do not recommend using this product on eyelashes.


Can I use this product if I have “permanent” or tattooed eyebrows?

Yes! Flourish® Brow Density Booster will thicken brows just the same. However, if brows are microbladed, we recommend waiting to use the Brow Density Booster until skin has healed completely and scabbing has ended. As with all new products, we suggest conducting a patch test, preferably once a day for several consecutive days to determine if there is any fading, discoloration, or other reaction, as this product was not tested on microbladed or tattooed brows.


Can Brow Density Booster be used under makeup? 

Yes! We just recommend waiting to apply makeup until the formula has dried completely, roughly 3–5 minutes.


Will this product interfere with my skincare routine?

No, but we recommend either applying the product as the final step in your skin care routine or waiting for it to dry completely before applying skin care.


How long until I see results? 

After only two weeks you should start to notice fuller, less patchy brows. At the four week mark, brows will be stronger and more conditioned. By the eight week mark, you should notice an increase in density or healthy new growth.


Do I have to continue using the product to see results?

Yes, ongoing compliance ensures optimized results.


Is this product safe for use during pregnancy? 

While this is a drug-free, non-irritating topical product for use only on the brow area, we still suggest you consult your doctor and dermatologist regarding usage during pregnancy.


Is this product safe to use after chemotherapy or to treat alopecia?

In this case, we recommend consulting your doctor and any other specialists before using the Brow Density Booster, and that you seek guidance from a dermatologist during times when skin may be particularly sensitive or vulnerable.


How often do I apply?Apply once daily.


How long does this product last? 

One tube should last approximately 12 weeks.


Ready to start your brow journey? Try It Now.

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