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Spray tanning and at-home fake tanning have taken off in recent years, with a whole new generation of girls and women chasing a summery glow no matter the season. Despite securing a gorgeous, bronzed appearance for a week or two, though, there’s nothing more frustrating (or sadly, inevitable) than the feeling of a flaking, disintegrating tan. Spurred on by bad experiences desperately trying to remove a bad fake tan or stubborn residue, Antheia was founded as a result in the early 2000s, by a professional makeup artist. 

Inspired by this evident gap in the market, the brand made it their mission to deliver an effective, high-quality tan remover to eager customers everywhere. With fake tans and spray tans only growing by the day due to increasing sun care awareness, it became imperative that whatever they were to offer could withstand the test of time. After extensive research and testing, the Antheia Express Fake Tan Remover entered the beauty-sphere to glowing reviews. Now, years after Antheia first originated, their range is still considered a leader in the fake tanning world and has served many a happy customer around the globe. 

Gone are the days of harsh tanning mitts and abrasive exfoliants--the Antheia way is painless, quick and perfect for any skin type. Antheia also takes a chemical-free approach to tan removal, instead relying on active ingredients derived from nature and eschewing all nasties. Cruelty-free and vegan friendly, they’re an ethical brand you’ll be more than happy to get behind. 

Start your fake tan removal with the Antheia Express Fake Tan Remover kit, which includes the Express Fake Tan Remover and the Liquid Micro Peel. The remover is step one, and relies on key soothing ingredients including aloe vera and acai berry to gently buff away your tan residue. Simply spray on the desired area and leave to soak in for two minutes, then removing with the provided muslin cloth. You’ll be astounded by how quickly and effectively all of the pigment from your tan is removed, revealing fresh, clean skin underneath. 

Then, restore the health and balance of your skin with the Liquid Micro Peel. Designed to remove dry or dead skin and reveal a fresh base perfect for applying your next tan onto, the Liquid Micro Peel cites chamomile and sweet orange oil amongst its list of actives, in addition to powerful AHAs. Apply to the body or even the face to unleash its exfoliating power. 

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