Cruelty-Free Skincare

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People make the switch to cruelty-free skincare for a variety of reasons. Whether it's for health or as an ethical position, at lookfantastic, we offer an array of cruelty-free skincare products. From market-favourites like Dermalogica and Antipodes to boutique brands like asap and Simplicite, we know you'll find a product you love that aligns with your ethical purchasing habits.

From the very beginning of your skincare routine, find cruelty-free swaps that give you peace of mind. For a gentle wash that leaves your skin feeling fresh, try a cleanser from one of our cruelty-free brands like The Ordinary or Skinstitut. These brands also boast an extensive range of vegan products.

Lotion and moisturiser is a vital step in a complete skincare routine. Find cruelty-free moisturisers at lookfantastic from brands like Alpha-H and asap. Nourish your skin with a moisturiser that you support ethically, with SPF protective, oil-free, firming and rejuvenating properties available.

For serums and oils that deeply hydrate without leaving your skin feeling greasy, try one of our cruelty-free brands like PIXI or Pai Skincare. Packed full of wholesome plant-based ingredients like sweet almond, jojoba, rosehip, pomegranate and rosemary, you can treat your skin with the wonders of the natural world while staying completely cruelty-free!

Ageing happens to all of us, but that doesn't mean we have to take it lying down! Many of our eye-care and anti-ageing serums from brands like Medik8 and BIOEFFECT are entirely cruelty-free. With ingredients like retinol, EGF and B Complex vitamins, you can be sure that your skincare products are targeting the effects of ageing with laser-like accuracy.

Our supplements from high-quality brands like The Beauty Chef help you boost the production of collagen, improve gut health and promote good-quality sleep. These holistic elements of health are critical to a bright, glowing complexion.

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