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As a hair brand that targets confident free thinkers, Fudge is all about experimenting, having fun, and looking your best. Why stick to the same old hairstyle when you can constantly reinvent your look and keep making a statement? Oh yes, this is a company that prides itself on catering for the head turners of the world.

With its shampoos, conditioners, colourants and waxes, Fudge offers men and women a way to stay cool and in touch with their own sense of aesthetics.

Who is the face of Fudge? That might very well be Jonathan Andrew, one of the new wave of British hairdressers who in Fudge has found a brand that mirrors his own energetic outlook. Jonathan's client list exemplifies the type of fresh and funky talent that you might associate with a 'Fudge look' - from Jamie Redknapp to Olly Murs and Little Mix. Fudge has also enlisted the help of esteemed London hairdresser Tracy Hayes as its 'Queen of Colour'.

Fudge puts sustainability at the forefront of its activities, having been successful in making its jars 100 per cent recyclable and setting numerous 'green targets' for the future. LOOKFANTASTIC are proud to be an official Fudge stockist in Australia, where we deliver nationwide.

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