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Traditionally, skin care companies have taken one of two approaches to formulating products. Some use pure, botanical ingredients to promote healthier skin, while others use scientifically developed complexes to deliver results. The scientists and skin care experts at MD Formulations believe that products don't have to be exclusively natural or scientific. By combining bioactive botanicals and advanced cosmedical ingredients, their skin care products provide maximum benefits for all types of complexions. MD Formulations has long been a brand associated with innovation. In 1983, the scientific team became the first company to receive worldwide patents on glycolic acid products and in 1997 released the world's first glycolic acid treatments safe for sensitive complexions. Today, glycolic acid remains a key ingredient in many of the products in the collection. The glycolic compound developed by the brand delivers the same results as harsh AHA treatments but is specially formulated to be gentler on the skin to decrease the likelihood of redness and inflammation.

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