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Moroccanoil is by far the most well-known brand when it comes to argan oil hair treatment. Its founders created this revolutionary company when they saw the impressive benefits of argan oil for themselves and decided to share it with the world.

The argan oil used in Moroccanoil is taken from a nut in the Mediterranean that has a unique oil profile. For centuries, women all across the Mediterranean have used argan oil in their beauty routines for vibrant and healthy skin and hair.

The company's Morrocanoil Treatment was the original product that boosted them into the limelight. It was designed to create long-lasting smoothness, increase the manageability of the hair, speed up blow-drying times and boost shine.

Once it had revolutionised the appearance of women's hair in Australia and all over the world, Moroccanoil expanded its range to include different Morrocanoil treatments for every kind of hair. If you struggle with dry, brittle hair, Moroccanoil will be your new best friend. Use the Intense Hydrating Mask along with their specialised shampoo for dry hair to make your hair luscious and soft. If you want super-defined curls, try their Curl Defining Cream or Curl Control Mousse.

All Moroccanoil products contain argan oil, so no matter what your hair needs, you can be sure that it will look shinier and healthier than it ever has.
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Unlock gorgeous hair with Moroccanoil, a beloved haircare range that draws on the nourishing benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil. From shampoos and conditioners to tailored oils, masks and more, perfecting your locks is easy with Moroccanoil, no matter your hair type. Smooth, hydrate and taming your hair is just a step away...