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The young skincare brand NEEK Skin Organics was founded by Australian Entrepreneur Angelique after she found that most traditional skincare products irritated her skin. The only option was to create her own skincare products using only natural botanical ingredients. Later she realised that other people with sensitive skin may also benefit from these pure and natural products. So the NEEK Skin Organics brand was born.

Today, the NEEK Skin Organics range includes everything you need to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Products include high-quality face cleansers and moisturisers which are formulated using only natural botanicals and skin-balancing antioxidants such as aloe vera and wattleseed. The result is the ingredients used in NEEK products are so natural and pure that you could spread them on your toast in the morning.

But unlike some other natural-based skincare products, NEEK products are not brown and don't smell like porridge. They are formulated using natural colour extracts and perfumes which means they look, smell and feel like traditional skincare products but without the harmful chemicals and additives.

And it's not just the ingredients which are environmentally friendly. All NEEK products are presented in unique biodegradable eco-packaging which is 100% recyclable. The amount of material used is also limited to reduce waste. So NEEK products are not just good for your skin, they're good for the planet as well.

Being 100% natural no NEEK product or ingredient is ever tested on animals. NEEK was founded as a natural skincare company that produces products that don't harm either the planet or the animals which live on it. Therefore NEEK products are only tested on humans and are suitable for use by both vegans and vegetarians.

So try out the NEEK Skin Organics range of natural products today and keep your skin looking healthy the natural way.

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