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SHOW Beauty injects 'red carpet' glamour into everyday life. This is a haircare brand that brings luxury to the masses in its range of formulas to volumise, thicken, condition and finish.

Mixing the principles of science with natural ingredients, SHOW Beauty products get to work bringing your hair to life, adding the shine and volume which makes all the difference each time you look in the mirror!

Because SHOW Beauty has developed its range with salon professionals from around the world, DIY stylists can expect to achieve quality finishes in the comfort of their own home. Their collection of treatments, shampoos and conditioners proves that you can enjoy luxury with every element of your daily ritual.

So which are the ingredients that make SHOW's selection sing? Their formulas do not shy away from proven natural ingredients such as argan oil, while nutrients and antioxidants are also a familiar fixture in the SHOW Beauty collection. Give your hair the star treatment it deserves every day with SHOW Beauty.

At LOOKFANTASTIC, we are thrilled to be an official stockist of SHOW Beauty's impressive range and can offer delivery direct to your door nationwide.

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