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Sometimes, diet and exercise just aren't enough to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat! In those circumstances, slimming & sculpting preparations can help to smooth and contour, creating a tighter, more defined line. Our slimming creams and lotions contain active ingredients that improve the elasticity and tone of the skin, as well as compounds formulated to break up fat molecules. Used alongside a healthy lifestyle, these products can make a visible difference to your skin's appearance.

Premium sculpting compounds do far more than simply give your skin a firmer look: many products also contain plant extracts and oils that work to improve skin health, promote cell regeneration and provide hydration and nutrients to the skin layers. This means your skin feels softer and becomes healthier as well as smoother and firmer.

Our slimming compounds contain ingredients that are proven to work. Caffeine, oat protein, sunflower oil, Lupin extract, vitamin E and wheat germ oil can all help to boost skin tone, helping to create a more desirable silhouette. Used regularly, a slimming compound can help with a range of problems. Typically, weight loss can leave people battling with sagging skin around the thighs, tummy, buttocks and upper arms. Top-quality sculpting products get to work on these areas quickly, frequently making a noticeable difference after just a few weeks of regular use.

All sculpting preparations are not the same! We work with top beauty manufacturers such as Rodial, Freezeframe and AHAVA to bring you advanced formulas and techniques that are proven to deliver results. To speed up the action of products, we also recommend using massage or a brush. This can help to improve blood flow and optimise lymph flow, reducing swelling and promoting cell health.

Don't forget we offer intensive sculpting preparations to quickly solve those little body niggles!

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