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Looking for a new cologne or eau de toilette spray to become your new signature scent? Delve into our carefully selected collection of sophisticated scents for him in various tones, including woody, aromatic and citrus-based. We stock a range of classic, modern and timeless fragrances from leading brands including philosophy, Truefitt & Hill and Paco Rabanne.

We've worked tirelessly to curate a selection of only the finest fragrances reflecting a range of tastes, from subtle floral scents to sensual notes of oriental wood and fresh leathery accents. Our luxurious scents are sure to linger on the mind without overwhelming the senses. Each product is elegantly stored in sleek, uniquely styled bottles for impressive presentation on your dresser or vanity.

For a moderate strength, lingering scent, try an eau de toilette spray. Made from between 4% and 8% perfume oil, eau de toilette sprays should be applied to the neck, wrist and chest for a long-lasting air of sophistication.

For subtler scents, try a cologne. Containing between 2% and 5% perfume oil, cologne sprays leave just a hint of fragrance on the skin. Colognes are best applied on the warmest areas of the body, including the neck, jaw, wrist, forearm or inner elbow.

We stock everything from subtle, nature-inspired fragrances for a refreshing summer day in the sun to dark, sensual scents for an unforgettable night on the town. Choose a cologne imbued with deep, masculine notes of cinnamon, wood and spices to truly invigorate the senses.

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