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Give your skin what it deserves with scientifically-formulated offerings from Lycogel. These versatile products help you build a flawless base, coming in a variety of shades and levels of coverage. A balanced combination of soothing, healing ingredients are delivered to your skin through an innovative gel base, helping your skin look and feel better than ever.

Lycogel lets you showcase your skin your way, and design your perfect look with a wide range of different products depending on your skin tone and type, or simply your preferences. Want buildable coverage with an understated matte finish? Perhaps you'd prefer lighter coverage, for a vibrant, healthy glow? There's a selection of skin solutions from both ends of the spectrum, from breathable balms with no coverage to blemish-hiding concealers, so we're sure you'll find a product tailored to your individual needs.

Lycogel products aren't just about looks, either, with proven science backing their effectiveness. They feature the revolutionary LYCO-Complex, a balanced set of 12 ingredients carefully combined to give the skin the moisture, oxygen, and nutrients it needs to thrive. These ingredients combine to soothe, heal, nourish, protect, repair, and so much more. The end result? Healthier, younger-looking flawless skin.

How are these ingredients delivered to skin? That's where Lycogel's designer gel base comes in. It's custom-made to ensure that each of the 12 LYCO-Complex ingredients is delivered to the skin, for maximum effectiveness. Water-resistance allows for long-lasting performance. Superior comfort on skin, coupled with added SPF protection, ensures that these products are the total package.

Want to know which Lycogel product is perfect for you? We've assembled an array of awesome balms, foundations and concealers by this innovative brand right here at lookfantastic, so it's easy to find your new favourite skin staples. Explore the range today and grab a bespoke skin solution!

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