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The best way of maintaining beautiful and lustrous hair is to avoid using harsh chemicals and use natural products to provide the nutrients needed instead. But it's often difficult to find professional salon grade products which don't use harsh chemicals. Original & Mineral are one of the few professional salon brands which make products that perform as well as traditional hair care products while only using natural Australian botanicals.

The brand makes a wide range of salon grade products including shampoos, treatments, and styling products. All of which are formulated using Australian botanicals and plant-based proteins wherever possible. Each product is also extensively tested to ensure that it performs as well, or even better than traditional chemical-based products. With the added advantage that they leave the hair feeling and looking healthier than ever before.

Original & Mineral is also one of the most innovative hair care brands on the market. The parent company Simply Organic has developed several innovative hair care treatments such as Clean Colour Technology (CCT) which uses micro-colour pigments and natural Australian botanicals combined with clay minerals in place of harmful ammonia acids.

Their next-generation colour range also uses revolutionary Molecular Blend Technology (MBT) which includes more than 105 shades of colour without using PPDs, Resorcinol or Gluten. As a result, this colour range is one of the most comprehensive natural colour ranges on the market. With the added benefit that it performs better than ammonia-based products which damage both the hair and scalp.

But O&M products are not just about high-performance. They're also better for the environment. No product is ever tested on animals and they are certified as cruelty-free by PETA which makes them suitable for use by both vegans and vegetarians. They are also supplied in environmentally friendly packaging which limits the use of plastic and can be easily recycled.

So reduce the chemical overload in your salon and give the Original & Mineral collection a try today.

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