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Our skin is made of multiple components, including proteins, vitamins, lipids and biostimulants. In 1961, qualified biochemist, Pierre J. Augé, found that only substances that truly correspond to the specific chemistry of the skin could keep it in optimum health and address its specific needs. Wanting to share this discovery with the world, he created Pier Augé.

Pier Augé formulates skin, body and beauty products that enable the skin to protect and defend itself naturally. They expertly formulate products that help to balance the skin and work harmoniously with the skin's natural functions. Their products are based on advanced research and utilise the best-adapted molecules available.

The philosophy of Pier Augé is not to mask your imperfections, or clear skin on a surface level, it is to create products that mimic our own skin, to help revive skin and address skin concerns from the inside out.

Every skin type is different, and everyone has their own unique skin concerns. Pier Augé has developed an extensive range of products to ensure they can help everyone solve their skin problems and restore balance in their skin. If, for example, you are suffering from dry, flaky, dehydrated skin, Pier Augé have a range of super hydrating products that may benefit you.

Pier Augé has formulated beauty products, including base makeup, to help individuals achieve completely natural, even makeup looks. Their makeup products work like their skincare products and mimic the skin, resulting in a totally flawless yet undetectable foundation base. Their makeup also helps to protect the skin against daily aggressors, keeping your complexion in the best condition possible.

If you're interested in protecting your skin and keeping it in optimum health, browse our selection of Pier Augé products now!

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